We’re a small but mighty team from Stockholm, Sweden creating impactful digital experiences.

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Our Core Team

Ashley Reed
Founder & Creative Director
Veronica Kothe
Project Manager & Designer

Our Amazing Collaborators

Jaime Reyes
Technical Director
Jonas Johansson
Creative Tech
3D design & Art Direction
Senior Developer
Sonja Nasehi
Finacial Wizard
Camilla Brandow Gustavsson
Head Advisor

What We Do

SMASH is a design studio that creates ethereal brand experiences. Combining 3D, with innovative technology and visual craftsmanship, we kindle emotions, we forge memories and evoke wonder.

SMASH create unique and innovative brand experiences. Combining 3D, with the latest technology and visual craftsmanship, we draw on our in-depth knowledge in multiple fields from 3D websites to AR applications to projection mapping shows creating bespoke and unique experiences that users love.


3D Design

We love everything 3D and are constantly creating our own worlds and spaces. With 3D you can do anything, and we love pushing the boundaries on what is possible.

Immersive Experiences

We have great experience in designing concepts that immerse the participant. Together with the newest technologies we create unique events and experiences that takes you on a both digital and physical journey.

Interactive installations

From user controlled lightshows, to AR games and touch activated wall installations, we love creating something that activates the user and that leaves them with a memory.

Institutions we worked with
  • Ikea
  • Qatar Development Bank
  • Beckmans
  • RFSL
  • Arkdes
  • Hyper Island
  • Swedish Institute
  • Mediatec
  • Arbetsförmedlingen
  • Nutrinovate
  • Värmlands Museum
  • Fjord
  • P&P Choklad
  • Fastagon
  • Postnord
  • Funyard
  • Tillman

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