Värmlands Museum


We created 3 installations for Värmlands Museum's new exhibition about the climate crisis, to teach people how we need to adapt our ways of living for a sustainable future.


Globe Simulation Station

How close would we get to the climate goal of +2 degrees global warming by 2050 if everyone would live like you? The main installation of Framtidslabbet was a big control station with a 3D printed globe.

Each station around the globe represented a different theme of everyday life. The choices we make in each area has a big or small impact on the environment.

By building a 3D world with different scenarios linked to the answers we showed the effect of our actions and informed about the local and global consequences.


Burger Food Station

How can we make people understand the difference in Co2e emissions between the different food we eat?

Smash created a dystopian burger ordering station using real time rendering and sensors detecting jumps. Depending on the burger you choose and its climate impact, the more or less burgers your jumps will get you. How many jumps is needed to order one beef burger vs 10 soy burgers?

Future Living Station

How can we live sustainable in the future and how must our societies adapt? Which future living scenario would fit you the best?

In this web based game you can test what way of living in the future would fit your needs the best based on the scientists Pernilla Hagbert's research.

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